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We Toot

A Feminist Fable About Farting

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"In their book, Wheelock and Evans assure girls that there’s nothing unfeminine about normal bodily functions and sounds. Moreover, girls are encouraged not just to accept themselves, but to support one another as well. None of this seems didactic because of the tale’s humor, along with the pleasing rhyme and meter. Sonke’s (The Day Punctuation Came to Town, 2019) illustrations are a huge plus, lively and expressive, and they depict a nicely diverse crew... Sure to provoke giggles, this delightful tale also helps girls to revel in their bodies. -- Kirkus Reviews

When a stinky toot is loosed at a slumber party, six girls learn an important lesson in body positivity and self-acceptance.  We Toot lets little girls know it’s okay to let one rip. 

By: Ashley Wheelock & Arwen Evans

Illustrated By: Sandie Sonke

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By Tara Trudel

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We Toot
We Toot
We Toot
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